Why Do I Write?

Someone asked me this interesting question the other day. Why do I write? Why do I post my opinions, my fashion choices, food, and other random life related things? And is it necessary?


I’m aware that my Generation, Generation Y, is known for it’s need to “document” everything. We are that generation that needs to “tell everyone what we’re doing” through status updates, check-ins, tweets, Instagram posts, etc. And everything other generation is like, “Have you heard the concept of PRIVACY?” aka not letting everyone know what you’re doing every second of the day.

I won’t be a hypocrite and say I’m not one of those people. On the social media spectrum, I fall in the middle.


I don’t update on every second of my day, but every so often I’ll check in or post a pic on Instagram (I’ve been doing that a little less now that I have P&P however). But I will go out on a limb and say that we aren’t necessarily craving attention. At least I’m not. It’s not all about having to show the world that we have lives– that we are interesting.

But instead of talking about a broad spectrum of media updating, I’ll scoop down to the specific– and speak purely about me and blogging. Back to the main question in that case.

Why do I write? 

Why do I have a blog? And why do I update you all on random aspects of my life? I have a few answers luckily. (I’ll go back and explain the reasons after the list)

1. Self-Reflection

2. Creation of Appreciation 

3. Increased Positivity 

4. Documentation 

But before I go back and explain those, I need to explain a few things about moi. For starters, I’m that person that ALWAYS has something to do. I’m either with people or on my way to meet people. I’m either doing something, or on my way to doing something. I’m always busy. And yes, I complain about wanting “free time,” which in theory sounds great, but in reality doesn’t work too well. I think it has to do with the fact that from a young age I was always doing something. Tennis. Ballet. Art classes. Swimming lessons. You name it. 

Let’s just say summers are a little difficult for me. As you can guess, in summer there are less “somethings” to be doing.


Now, for the other issue. I also happen to be that person that thinks that if they haven’t done anything on a social level during the day, that day was wasted. Ok, now you’re equipped to understand the list.

1. Self-Reflection


To begin, writing has taught me to be independent. It’s okay to be alone. You can’t always be with people. A little time for self-reflection goes a long way. These days we are so busy thinking about what we don’t have, and what we aren’t, that we forget what we do have, and who we are.

2. Creation of Appreciation 


I write because as a blogger, I look at the world differently. Little aspects count. Anything can be an adventure.Maybe it’s the blogging bug, but I’ve learned to for example appreciate the texture an color of a freshly cut orange. Things that I normally wouldn’t notice.

3. Increased Positivity 


Blogging has also inspired me to have a more positive outlook on life. Not everyday can be a fabulous day, but everyday can be a good day. You just have to find that silver lining.

4. Documentation 

a238b64a18387b8a3f6c94d709e9b550Finally, yes, it is a little bit about documentation. But documentation for myself. Of course I want my posts to be interesting for others to read. But I’m not trying to be anyone but me. It’s all simply a way to organize the day and reflect.

So, why do you write? I’m interested in hearing your reasons!

sweaters & Sunsets

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